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3 best beaches in Fuerteventura and near Corralejo


Forget about the Corralejo sand dunes that all the travel guides talk about. Rent a car and let’s pick you a place where you can truly relax. Let’s have a look at the best 3 beaches nearby Corralejo that are definitely worth visiting while on Fuerteventura.

Practicing with better tennis players


Recently, I have read an online article about how a tennis player can improve his game. One of the recommendations was to practise with stronger players. Well, it is true that practising with stronger opponents will motivate you to keep up and play better and will probably raise your playing level, but the question is how often do you want to do that? Is it good to play with only better players and how much better the players need to be? 


3 essntial tennis tips for all beginner and intermediate tennis players


Here are the 3 most essential tennis tips for all beginner and intermediate tennis players according to our head coach Peter.


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