3 essential tennis tips for all beginner and intermediate players

1. Play smart, don’t play hard

Probably the best advice I can give to any beginner or intermediate player is not to play hard. Instead learn how to control the ball and to play without making mistakes. Too often I get to see players that are hitting the ball with all their power and the balls are just flying all over the place. For every ball they hit in the court, a ball flies into the fence. 


Tennis is not about hitting hard. Tennis is about precision. About feeling the ball on the racket, about knowing exactly where the ball will go, about control. If you hit every 4th or 5th stroke out or into the net than it is time to step down a level, to play a bit softer and gain some control. If you feel like you are controlling the ball well enough without making too many mistakes than its time to step up and add slightly more power. 


2. Have fun

Tennis is a game and a sport. We do it in our free time to relax from work, to get some exercise and to enjoy ourselves. Unfortunately, there are still some players among us that don’t really realize this and on a tennis court they stress not only themselves but also their surroundings. Don’t be too hard on yourself when one day you don’t play that well. If you were to play perfectly, tennis would not be your hobby anymore but your job – and now think about it how you feel every morning when you have to wake up and go to work… 😊


3. Fly to Fuerteventura and take tennis lessons with Corralejo Tennis Academy

This way I could teach you everything in person and in the evenings I wouldn’t need to sit in front of the computer to write these tennis tips blog articles :) And Fuerteventura is also not such a bad place to spend some holidays and play some tennis. 


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