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Private tennis lessons are personalized one-on-one or group trainings (up to 4 players on a court) led by our tennis coach. Private lessons are for players looking to improve their game at a faster pace and for those looking for a personal approach to their tennis training.


At Corralejo Tennis Academy we always work in a systematic way to improve technique, strategy, mental game, movement and overall efficiency. There is no one-size-fits all mentality at our academy. All trainings are individually designed based on player's needs, ability and level. 


All private tennis lessons are at least 1 hour or longer (1,5 or 2 hours). In case you are interested in a special tennis package consisting of various lessons, please contact us through the form below and we will work with you to prepare a plan that will meet your needs and requirements.


We also offer practice matches against a coach (our head coach Peter has previously participated on men's professional tennis circuit and was ranked top 350 in ITF world singles rankings).


You can book your tennis lessons through the reservation system below.


For whom is a private tennis lesson?

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Private tennis lessons are for players of all ages and all levels (kids, adults, absolute beginners, competition players). It is possible to take private lessons as an individual, couple or family (up to 4 players on a court).


We are very flexible in building and organizing a training week for you consisting of mulitple private lessons. See our offer of various tennis program packages below.

Prices and tennis packages

All tennis lessons are at least 1 hour or longer. The price for a lessons doesn't change if there are more players doing a private lessons (maximum 4 players on 1 court). For kids under 9 years old we can also do 45 or 30 minute lessons. Ask for price for this type of lessons through the form below. 


The price of a private tennis lesson is the final price. Renting of tennis equipment (rackets) and tennis court rental is included in the price. 


If you still need accommodation in Corralejo, have a look at this section where we recommend hotels in Corralejo near our tennis courts. 

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Reserve your tennis lessons now

You need to reserve your tennis lessons online through the reservation form below. We currently offer tennis lesson in 2 locations in Corralejo - at the Los Barqueros tennis club (coach Braulio) and at the La Graňa tennis club (coach Isaac, coach Roberto). In case you want to schedule more lessons you will need to reserve each lesson separately - we apologize for this inconvenience :( Upon scheduling a lesson you will be asked to pay a reservation deposit in the amount of €10. You will then pay the rest on the spot to the coach. 


If you book up to 4 lessons the price per tennis lesson is €45 (€10 deposit included). 


If you book 5 or more lessons the price per tennis lesson is €40 (€10 deposit included).


If you cancel your booking up to 21 days before your first tennis lesson, we will refund your reservation deposit. Please send us a message through the form below for any refunds or call us at +421 911 973 732.

Head coach Isaac at the La Graña tennis club

Head coach Braulio at the Los Barqueros tennis club

Contact us for more information and special bookings

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Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

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