Weather seasons on Fuerteventura


Fuerteventura is known as the sunny island, with more than 3000 hours a year of sun. Although there is plenty of sunshine and warm weather throughout the year we can still speak of seasons on Fuerteventura and many of our clients ask us daily when is the best time to come.


The Seasons

The seasons on Fuerteventura can be split into summer and winter. Calling it a winter is probably a bit exaggerated, but that's how local people call it too. Basically, the whole year is like a nice spring in Europe with some warmer and some cooler periods.



The summer on Fuerteventura starts fairly late – in mid July. That's when the ocean starts to get warm again (to approximately 22 – 23 degrees). The days are marked by a burning tropical sun and strong winds. The air temperature is approximately 28 degrees on a nice summer day. The air never gets really hot and is nicely cooled by the consistently blowing winds. August is definitely the warmest of the months. At night it gets sometimes difficult to sleep without an airco. In September the summer winds drop and that's when the really nice weather starts. The ocean is still warm after the hot summer months, there is no wind and the air temperature drops to a bearable 25 degrees. October, November and early December are most probably the nicest months on Fuerteventura. The weather is perfect with plenty of sunshine, no wind and warm ocean. Although October has been marked in the recent years by some heavy storms, these go away as fast as they come. Late September, October, November and early December are perfect months to play tennis and hang out on the beach.



The real Fuerteventura winter starts in January, when the days become short, the ocean and air cools down and the wind start to pick up. The water temperature in January is about 19 - 20 degrees and drops to as low as 17 – 18 degrees in March/ April. The air is also cooler with a day temperature about 17 – 20 degrees. The nights can be a bit colder with some really “cold” nights in February when one has to reach all the way down in the closet to pull out a jacket. The night temperature can drop to as low as 13 degrees. In January and February it is nothing unusual to see some short rain showers throughout the day and night. The really strong wind typical for Fuerteventura start in May and last until late August.



If you are thinking about when is the best time to visit the island come in October or November. Thats when the weather starts to get colder in Europe and that's when you can still walk around Fuerteventura the whole day and night in your shorts and t-shirt. That's when you can make your summer last a week or two longer.


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