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Corralejo Tennis Academy has been in business of providing tennis holidays since 2011. Since then many clients have come to us and visited Fuerteventura to play tennis, enjoy the beach and relax under the Canarian sun. The goal of this article is to show people the advantages of active holidays.

Back in 2011, when I was first setting up the tennis school in Corralejo I was asking myself why would anyone go all the way to Fuerteventura to play tennis and take lessons? They don’t know the coach, the coach doesn’t know them, there is little time (unless you are able to take a month long vacation from your work) and why to play tennis at all if they can lie on the beach the whole day…? The answers came together with the people:

  •  The working people with families have little time to practice their hobbies/ sports in their free time. By going on a sport holiday they have enough time to enjoy their hobby and can do it without any hurry or stress. 
  • People like to share their interests with their family and close friends. By going on a theme holiday they can share their lifestyle with their close ones in an optimal setting. 
  •  By coming to Canary Islands, people know they will be able to practice their hobbies outdoors and in nice weather conditions regardless of the time of the year.
  • It was shown that people who spend their holidays in an active way are more likely to stay sharp and return back to work cycle without much effort.
  • Sport binds people. By going to a sport vacation you are more likely to get to know other people sharing the same interest and form new friendships. 
  • Based on the study conducted by La Santa sport resort when researching the post effects of an active holidays:


76% (of active holiday takers) say that they return feeling more relaxed and revitalized, mirrored by 77% of guests saying that sport helps them to relax and reduce their stress levels in general. At a social level, 65% confirm that active holidays improve and reinforce their family relationships, helping to prevent tension and small discussions that in many cases can lead to a bigger crisis or even divorce after vacation periods.”

Come and enjoy your holidays to Fuerteventura and stay active. You will see, your sport vacation will be much nicer and you will remember it for a long time with great stories to tell and new people you meet.  

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